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The Naked Consultant: Sarah White Codes, Advises, and Consults Sans Pants

Finally, a straightforward (and hot) exchange: sexy, uber-brainy model Sarah White has launched The Naked Consultant.

Sarah White is The Naked Consultant. While guys are dropping dollars on cam girls or game crushes hoping for more, White sets out terms for work and play all in one go, and then the fun begins. A counselor for six years and website dev, White is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Psychology and announced (today) her one-woman cam-consulting business. I love that she’s a sexy geek who also thinks that code is as hot as a naked babe doing the work for you while you watch, but I also love that she’s got a real business plan. My only little quibble would be that she’s only targeting a male audience on launch (“Life Shouldn’t be hard — You should be hard.” -gallery link-). I could see a number of my queer friends ponying up for a session of web consulting or problem-solving with a super hot, smart, counseling-trained, stacked babe in glasses. (She does Naked Coding, Naked Therapy and Naked Tutoring.) But I doubt that’s going to let anyone in need of a website build and a hot cam session stop them.

This is refreshing, especially for me. What I see more often than I’d like in tech: sexy girls flirt their way into a tech consulting gig, after which one can typically expect said lady to have used her sexual innuendo only to result in either: a) her not deliver the coding/dev skills, or b) not deliver the sexually suggestive follow-through. Rather than play the bullshit game of sex and tech (and the therapy I understand is invariably involved in cam work), White has decided to have fun, work and make money using all of her geeky skills for consulting in a way she feels great about. Sex-positive consulting-meets-transactional agreements: your time is now :)

All of her rates for consulting services are on her site. I approve!

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